Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Los Angeles Is the Perfect City for Rehab Following a Sports Injury

There are many reasons that Los Angeles is an attractive city for residents and visitors alike as the city is among the most unique places in the United States. While people come to Los Angeles for the arts and culture, the beaches or just the unique inhabitants who live in the area, the city is also ideal for those who are dealing with a sports injury and must endure the rehabilitation process. It may seem somewhat odd to view the city in this way, but that is exactly what Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, sees whenever he makes the trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

It should not come as much of a surprise that a California foot doctor would see the state through this sort of lens, but the podiatrist believes that Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the United States for recovering from a sports injury for a variety of reasons. Noting that Washington DC has received similarly positive reviews, Dr. Carver points out that Los Angeles possesses a variety of characteristics that can be quite beneficial to the recovery process that follows a sports injury, especially one that affects the foot.

If a patient needs to avoid weight-bearing exercise, for example, swimming in the Pacific Ocean is an option when the water is warm enough. When the Pacific is too cold, patients can easily make use of the countless gyms in Los Angeles that include swimming pools as a part of its workout facility. The cycling community is also quite strong in Los Angeles, so patients can also take advantage of yet another type of athletic activity that does not include weight-bearing exercise.

Dr. Carver also notes that podiatry is a field that is represented well in Los Angeles. The strength of the professional community also enables patients to take advantage of the variety of health services throughout their recovery process and can benefit from expert assistance and advice in the event that they experience a setback or if they feel they are progressing faster than their initial recovery timeline. Finally, the doctor notes that Los Angeles is simply an enjoyable place to be whether an individual has suffered an injury or not, so those who are enduring the rehabilitative process will have plenty to do when they are not focused on their physical therapy and recovery.

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Kion Kashefi Has 4 Ways to Improve Los Angeles in 2015 and Beyond

It is all too often the case that Los Angeles is immediately associated with traffic congestion and poor air quality by those who live outside the city. While these are certainly issues that must continue to be addressed in Los Angeles, these should not be the defining characteristics of a city that has so much more going for it.

As Kion Kashefi has pointed out, Los Angeles is a hub of creativity as it serves as a home to countless actors, filmmakers, writers and musicians. It is a culturally diverse city that supports the art and culture of its varied population, and the city itself is surrounded by incredible natural wonders that include the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Mr. Kashefi has outlined four simple ways to improve Los Angeles in 2015 and beyond, noting that these methods could prove quite helpful in changing the perception of the beautiful city of Los Angeles in a positive way.

Encourage Civic Pride

Most of the residents of Los Angeles are proud to call themselves Angelenos, but Mr. Kashefi believes that there are still not quite enough outlets in which residents can express their civic pride. Creating additional outlets of expression would foster a greater sense of community among residents and would do wonders for the overall perception of the city.

Promote the City’s Many Exceptional Traits

The fact that many people who live outside of Los Angeles think of the city in terms of traffic and air pollution is troubling. As Mr. Kashefi has noted, Los Angeles has beautiful beaches that provide access to the Pacific Ocean, and the San Gabriel Mountains provide a stunning panorama of the city. There is a great deal more to the city beyond just its natural wonders, of course, as at any given time of year there are sporting events, concerts and performances, along with a host of other entertainment activities. It is these qualities that are the ones that should be emphasized and associated with Los Angeles.

Improve the Air Quality

There is no denying that the air quality is still not what it could be. While efforts have been made to improve the air quality of Los Angeles, these efforts need to continue and more need to be put in place so that future generations can enjoy the city. Doing so would also help in dissipating the notion that Los Angeles is a city rife with smog.

Address the Transportation Issues

The transportation issues in Los Angeles are undeniably difficult to address and there may be no quick fix that drastically improves traffic in and out of the city. Despite the fact that this may be the case, it is still important that the city continues to take action to decrease the amount of traffic on the city’s freeways and to encourage greater use of public transit.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello to Hollywood

Are you planning that LA trip and including a drive through Hollywood?  Lower your expectations.  I was so disappointed with the walk of the stars.imagesWY692TQY untitled (148)  The actual area where the stars are is a rough area.  I would not want to see t after dark.  The Chinese Theatre was tiny and the footprints there were interesting.  The shows are there to recruit you into as an audience member.  It was fun to go to the show but after that I was bored.  LA is a great town but don’t let Hollywood be the only part you see.  Dana Sibilsky is a LA fan and knows all the hot spots.

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